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To: All Apprenticeship Participating Employers 1/30/2009

From: Apprenticeship Committee

In an effort to improve our communication with everyone concerned with the Apprenticeship Program we have drafted this letter concerning some of our more pertinent policies. We hope this will help you in your determination of how you might work with whomever you send to the program in the future.

First and foremost; thank you for being a participating employer in the program. Without all of your support we would not be able to train your employees in the manner you deserve. You have the top air conditioning program in the state and we wish to keep it that way.

Next, to keep this communication somewhat shorter; we will discuss only the policy for absenteeism. We have worked with this challenge since the program’s inception and feel that the following is the best policy for all concerned; remembering that we must draw the line somewhere.

Attendance Policy: Each apprentice will be allowed four (4) absences in each school year. ALL of these absences can be considered “excused”. They can be for ANY reason. Each apprentice knows this and signs a letter, which we have enclosed, stating that he understands and will abide by this policy.

Change: If you must keep your employee late for work and he misses class he still must be counted absent. We totally understand the dilemma that this might put you in from time to time, but we are hoping that you can discuss with your apprentice before school starts each year that you, as his employer and sponsor, will have the opportunity to use one or more of his absences in an emergency situation. You should emphasize to them that they should not “waste” any of their four absences because emergencies do come up. If and when a situation like this does come up, please give the coordinator a call to let him know why your apprentice will be missing class. (407-905-2065)

In case an apprentice does accrue four absences he will still be allowed to finish the school year in class without any penalty. However, if another absence (fifth) occurs for any reason the apprentice will be allowed to finish the class year if he so chooses, but will only receive and “audit” certificate. He will not be considered an “apprentice” by the Bureau because he will not have enough class time in the program. If the person elects to stay in the program he must still finish all the class assignments and then will be allowed to begin his next year of the program in the Fall. Otherwise he will have to repeat the entire year when he returns. Note: After the sixth absence the person will be dropped from the program.

After four absences the apprentice will be given a letter written by the committee to be signed by the apprentice stating that he understands the consequences of his absenteeism. This letter will be inserted in his file. A copy of this letter will be mailed to the employer in a timely manner.

Absenteeism and tardiness are the main issues that come before the committee on a regular basis. We can use your help as employers/sponsors to make sure that your apprentices understand where you stand on their class attendance. We have tried our very best to make this as unobtrusive as possible, but if your apprentice is not in class he will be missing out on what you have sent him there for in the first place; to become a better technician for you. Again, we thank you for your support.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles H. Kulp
Charles Kulp
Committee Chairman

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