ACCA of Central Florida encourages the participation of its members in committees to assist the Board of Directors to provide input into the activity of the association. Below is a current listing of committees and members. If you would like to serve on a committee, contact the ACCA of Central Florida office.

Apprentice Committee
Bob Renner, Chair
Andy Brunkala

Pat Ambrose

Steve Robinson

Mark Wesson

Yolanda Pizarro

Gary MacLeod

Codes & Licensing Committee

Pat Ambrose

BBQ & Tradeshow

Andy Brunkala (Chair)

John Green

Paula Huband

Education Committee

Tony Duncan (Chair)

Pete Zeitler

Ken Zalk

Membership Committee

Brian Hastings (Chair)

Ron Collison

Paula Huband

Programs Committee
Pat Ambrose (Chair)

Andy Brunkala

Brian Hastings

Paula Huband